our services

ES Link Services provides expert advice, services and products in the following areas:


Property Services

ES Link Services provides professional property services to property managers, investors, planners and statutory authorities. ES Link Services personnel have over 25 years experience in property investment in commercial, industrial & residential property, covering both rural and metropolitan Australia. ES Link Services provides advice to those seeking to invest in property and those already owning property and wishing to maximise its potential return.

ES Link Services undertakes property and environmental planning and re-zoning assessments. In partnership with Town and Country Planning, we also provide town planning services.


Investment and Feasibility Analysis

ES Link Services undertakes investment and feasibility analysis with particular focus on property, renewable energy, water, transport and infrastructure projects.

The scope of these services include:

  • Financial Modelling
  • Options Assessment and Triple Bottom Analysis
  • Business Case Development and Delivery
  • Stakeholder Advocacy & Management
  • Risk Assessment & Management

ES Link Services, in partnership with Five Consulting, has an extensive track record in facilitating the transition of projects through Government decision processes, including:

We have developed streamline systems to efficiently gain funding for your project. In particular, our experience with triple bottom line analysis has leveraged funding for several projects which are not financially viable in their own right.


Joint Venture and Equity Funding Advice

ES Link Services provides advice to investors and those seeking to develop projects on funding options and alternatives. ES Link Services can introduce equity partners and have experience in arranging joint venture relationships.